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Sand Art - How To Do Sand Art Birthday Card With Colourful Toning

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Sand Art birthday card with colourful toning - learn the much-talked about technique to create gradual, colourful tonings on sand art cards as demonstrated by our resident Sand Artist.© KS Innovative, Sand Art and Kids Craft Supplies MalaysiaStep by step:1) The first step is to peel off the outlines of the design on the sand art card. Use the provided toothpick or your fingernails.2) The outline is now sticky. Pour or sprinkle the darkest colour sand onto the exposed area. Tap the card gently to remove excess sand.3) Repeat until all sections are filled up; time to use your creativity!4) Achieving gradual toning for two or three different colours is easy. Choose a colour, turn the card depending on how you like your gradient to be and pour with care over that area. Let the sand fall by itself for a natural look. Choose another colour and repeat. Now choose a third colour, or in this case back to pink, and pour the remaining space. Now you have a lovely sand gradient on your sand art card. This technique creates really beautiful colour effects and I encourage you to try it! We've 20 different colours so you can do amazing tonings. They're also organic and certified non-toxic -- perfect for your kids to play with.5) Done! Your very own sand art birthday card. You can now display them in a felt sand art frame.Sand Art Products: http://www.sandarts.com/store/store/category/16/sand-art.htmlFurther inquiries, please visit http://www.sandarts.com/storeThank you for viewing!KS Innovative

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